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Learning and development is an investment in your business success. It improves skills, increases productivity, helps you retain valuable employees and gives you a strategic way to identify the leadership candidates who will secure your future.

Learning and development is best managed in the context of your business strategy:

  • What are the goals for your business over the next 3-5 years?
  • Where are you lacking in the skills or experience you need to reach those goals?
  • Can you identify the people in your organisation who can take on new responsibilities?
  • Do you know where the key skills lie in your business?

By having a learning and development strategy that is aligned to your organisations vision, you will make the most of your budget, discover how to make the best use of your people and see where there may be gaps that need to be filled by targeted recruitment.

Tailored L&D that delivers results

Our range of learning and development services are designed to move your business and your people forward. Measurable, so you can see the value for money, they are tailored to your needs and delivered in the ways that suit you best.

We can help you with:

Working closely with you at board level and across your leadership teams, we assess your current approach and use it as a starting point to develop a learning strategy that reflects and strengthens the knowledge and skills within your organisation. All learning and development is evaluated and measured so that you can see where and why it is working.

There is often a gap between the skills and knowledge that you need to succeed and the skills and knowledge currently within your organisation. Our focused skills audit identifies these areas and recommends recruitment, learning and development and training needs. Working with you, we can help to put you on the right path so that your current and future requirements are met.

We can help you to make the most of this valuable resource. We work with you to see how e-learning schemes can become a standard part of your learning and development programmes. Convenient, flexible and affordable, the best quality e-learning allows you to provide excellent development opportunities at all levels without disrupting the day-to-day running of your organisation.

As consultants to the financial, insurance, IT and other regulated industries, we understand the importance of maintaining regulatory competence. Our experience in working with companies, organisations and regulators means that we can provide a valuable and practical framework that allows you to meet your regulator’s requirements and to improve the overall performance of your organisation.

Mobile learning is ideal for employees who are not based in a central office. Flexible learning tools allow you to engage with these employees and contribute to their learning and development. We’ll provide the support you need to create compelling content for podcasts, mobile documents or more formal training to reach remote staff members and continue to motivate them to work hard for your business.

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"We have worked together on several workshops/training sessions for our customer service department. Each one you took the time to understand our business and the message we were aiming for our staff to take away, always producing a bespoke training and taking into consideration the different cultures and languages we have within our team. The training is always professionally delivered in a very interactive environment and my team always enjoys what they learn and put the new soft skills straight into practice."

- Steve Gormer, Chevron

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