Comprehensive referencing and screening that protects your business

You need to be sure your business is recruiting people with honesty and integrity. Recruiting someone who genuinely has the qualifications and experience they claim and recruiting to protect your business from fraudulent candidates.

Getting this right first time round reduces the time and cost to your business, increases your professional credentials and improves your brand reputation.

We offer screening and referencing services that are:

  • Accurate – meaningful information to identify the right and wrong people for your business.
  • Secure – our security standards ensure that all personal and sensitive data is secure.
  • Cost efficient – affordable services that free up your time.
  • Time efficient – our processes avoids delays, reducing the chances of you losing good candidates
  • A good candidate experience – we fully engage with candidates on your behalf, demonstrating that you care about who you recruit.
  • Fully compliant – where we are screening for regulatory compliance, you get a fully compliant pack per candidate, with all information in one document.

Regulatory compliance

As HR consultants to the financial services, insurance and other regulated industries, we offer a complete range of regulatory checks.

These checks are for new recruits and for existing employees and, as most are required to renew on a regular basis, we can ensure there are no gaps in your candidate’s record and that they are continuing to comply whilst they are working for you.

We are specialists in SMCR checks, where those roles are regulated, and we also have the ability to conduct Airside, CQC and PCI-DSS referencing.

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Our checks include

FCA/SMCR Regulated Role Checks

SMCR expects that companies will take appropriate steps to satisfy themselves that individuals and employees are “fit and proper” to perform critical roles within the business, specifically:

  • The information they provide in applications for senior management functions is accurate and truthful;
  • The screening of certified persons adequately meets their obligations to self-regulate.

To determine as far as possible that the candidate is ‘fit and proper’, we follow this procedure:

  • FCA set the questions that should be asked (outlined in SYSC22 of the FCA Handbook);
  • Appropriate checks are taken to consider international criminal records to help determine the individual’s fitness and propriety;
  • Additional due diligence – honesty, integrity and reputation competence and capability, financial soundness;
  • Proof of compliance – evidencing that checks have been carried out in a timely and proper manner; and
  • Continuous screening – using annual rechecks.

Other referencing services

We offer employment screening checks including Proof of ID, Address Verification, Credit Checks, Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly CRB) and Disclosure Scotland checks, Right to work in the UK, verification of employment history, confirmation of educational qualifications and Company Directorships.

  • Right to work in the UK
  • Pre employment Screening & Referencing services, ID Checking, Credit Checks, DVLA Checks, IDD checks,
  • FCA/SMCR Regulated role checks
  • DBS checks (formerly CRB) and Disclosure Scotland checks
  • Verification of employment history
  • Confirmation of educational qualifications and any directorships

These checks help you to ensure you maintain the high standards of your organisation, reducing the risk of financial or reputational damage. Our checks are carried out to standards including:

  • BS7858
  • BPSS
  • FCA
  • SMCR
  • Airside
  • Care Quality Commission

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