Easter’s going to be a bit surreal this year – no holidays, no travelling to family, no sunny days out, no Easter Egg hunts in the park.
But it’s still a four-day break and we should treat it as such – even if we’re furloughed or not working at the moment.

Traditionally, it’s a long weekend that we all look forward to. So let’s try not to make an exception this year. If you can, you should still have a celebratory meal or barbecue or hot cross bun fest. If you can, you should do an Easter Egg hunt indoors or in your garden if you have one. Why not dress up, put on some music and have a party? Why not do those little DIY jobs and garden work that a bank holiday weekend is made for?

Why not make the most of your community? Alongside your rainbows and teddy bears, why not put an Easter Egg or Easter Bunny drawing in your window so people can spot them on their daily exercise? Why not catch up with your neighbours from the safety of your doorstep? Why not watch a film marathon?

Just because our lives – for most of us – are spent at home at the moment, it doesn’t follow that this weekend stops being a holiday or a time to relax and reflect. For your mental and physical wellbeing, try to do at least one thing that feels special.
And for those amazing people who are working all their Easter weekends to keep us safe, to look after our needs, to deliver our food and to keep the country running, may you have an absolutely fantastic late Easter-and-all-the-holidays break when your time comes.