I’ve been talking to lots of clients this week about their plans and thoughts for business as usual and we’ve all agreed that it will look very different to pre COVID-19.

The concerns that many businesses previously had about trusting staff to work from home have been disproven, in the main, and this has also highlighted that for many sectors, flexible working is not only possible, but better for the business and for productivity overall.

I’m interested in how your business is thinking about returning to work. Some may be returning imminently, whilst others are likely to have a slower return.

I’m encouraging my clients to think about:

• Resource planning
• Recruitment and selection
• Onboarding and L&D generally
• Performance Management
• Engagement and celebrating success
• Equipment – Health and Safety and Ergonomics
• Risk Assessments

We’ll be writing and sharing some posts on these in the next couple of weeks – let me know in the comments if there are any other areas that would be useful for us to cover as you plan your own return to business.